Pastors & Staff

Dr. Rich & Sherry Tiner

lead Pastor

Teachers. A middle school art teacher and a university media professor. Called to teach the most important concepts of life. Faith. Truth. Discipleship. Rich & Sherry Tiner serve The Pointe Church with joy and thanksgiving. Joy in anticipation of what God is going to do, and thanksgiving for what God has already done. 

Pastor Timotei & Patricia Miu

Associate Pastor

Timotei and Patricia Miu were born and raised in Romania and called to the United States to fulfill ministry within the Romanian community in Tennessee. They are leaders and teachers, following God's call to share His Word and how good He is...and always will be.

Jason & Samantha Smith

Youth ministries

A safe place to grow in Christ. The closest friends teens will ever have. Study, conversation, a game or two, and the love & support of leaders and peers. Jason & Samantha Smith care deeply about guiding teens through the joys and struggles of life with eyes firmly focused on Jesus.